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Christmas with Santa - 2008

Beck went to see Santa at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar this weekend. Unfortunately for Beck, this was not a happy occasion. He was absolutely terrified! It was so different from last year when a sweet four month old snuggled at Santa's knee. This year he would not go near Santa. So our photo, while not sweet, is at least classic. Here is poor Beck crawling away from Santa... screaming.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas with Santa - 2007

Christmas flashback

Saturday, December 6, 2008

family portrait gone awry


first sign -- MORE

Beck made his first sign today! It was the baby sign for "more". He wanted more Cheerios and signed for them over and over again. It's so exciting to watch him communicate even before he can speak his words.

Jeff was a late talker though when he finally spoke it was in complete sentences. I wonder when Beck will learn to speak.

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The Free Radicals

Here are some of the kids in our 2007 Austin Mamas Co-op. They're called The Free Radicals. I designed the logo too. ; )

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ghostly dragon

trick or treat

Lucky for us Beck doesn't understand candy yet. He had so much fun sorting it though. Candy goes in the pumpkin.  Candy comes out of the pumpkin. Candy goes in the pumpkin. Candy comes out of the pumpkin. Candy goes in the pumpkin...

It's the best game ever.

talking to Thomas the Train