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helping Uncle Todd draw

more balls!

Beck is a big fan of balls. He even loves the word and sometimes says it to himself under his breath.

Uncle Todd is another big favorite. On Thursdays, Beck helps Uncle Todd give art lessons to Nohra (the girl I mentor).

Last Thursday, Todd amazed Beck by drawing circle after circle on a piece of paper. "Balls," said Todd, and Beck's eyes went wide with happiness "More balls," Beck would say, and Todd would draw another circle. Beck couldn't believe that Uncle Todd could make balls appear out of nowhere. "More balls!"

little boys playing chase

Beck, Felix, Eamon, Clay and Atlas love running around and playing chase at co-op.  They start their day with songs and story time then move on to snacks and free play.  They go outside to play in the morning but since it's been 100˚ after craft they have more running around play inside.  The room next to their co-op room has giant foam shapes for them to climb on and there is plenty of room to run around.  

It's been amazing to watch the kids learn to play with each other.  Beck and Eamon have this silly game where one of them will race up to the door and then slowly back up against the metal grate.  The other will follow and do the same thing.  Then they look at each other, burst out laughing and run to the sliding glass door that leads out to the playground to do the same thing. They do this over and over again.  It's so cute.

mommy and Beck at co-op

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more fun at co-op

Robin took these fun photos of the kids at co-op.

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